How to Encrypt

Incoming and Outgoing Mails

To Encrypt or Digitally signed mails you should have Internet Certificates and monitor the subsequent Step:

If you want to encrypt mails that you are going to send, follow below steps:

  1. Open Your Lotus Notes Database and go to File menu then choose Security option and then User Security.

    open notes

  2. An alert box will comes out in order to ask your Lotus Notes password, fill the required field with appropriate response and click on Login button.


  3. click on Mail and check in the box of "Encrypt mail that you send" in the "User Security Window" as seen below.


  4. If you want to Attach Digital Signature to all the mail that you will going to send then click on the "Sign mail that…" option as seen below.


  5. Note-: If you want to learn how to attach Digital Signature then you can refer this page: Add Digital Signature

  6. If you want to encrypt the mails that you already send then select the option of "Encrypt saved copy of mail ……" among the listed one. For more clearance refer to the picture.

    encrypt saved file

  7. If you want to encrypt the incoming mails means if you want unencrypted mails will become encrypted before storing into your mailbox then click on "When receiving unencrypted mail...." as shown below.


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