How to

Create Lotus Notes Document Links?

Lotus Notes Document link is a special XML file to copy as document link in lotus notes and refer certain associated document in emails and web pages that are used for sharing purpose. By clicking on the NDL file, one can access the Lotus Notes document quickly. Follow below steps to create NDL links:

  1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes application.

  2. Launch Notes

  3. Enter the User name and Password and click on Log In to get access to your emails.

  4. Enter Credentials

  5. In Lotus Notes, click on Mail and open your emails.

  6. click on Mails

  7. Now you can view all the emails in a new tab.

  8. view emails

  9. Now choose the specific email for which you want to create a link.

  10. click mail

  11. Now click on Copy As in Edit tab and click on Document Link.

  12. click on edit

    Another method is open the specific email in new tab as per the default settings and then right-click on that page and click on Document link.

    other method

  13. Now a script is automatically created. Now open Notepad and directly paste. You will see the script in the Notepad.

  14. paste on notepad

  15. Click on File then Save As to save the Notepad file in the data directory of Lotus Notes.

  16. save file

  17. Save the file with the desired name and save it with .ndl extension. Then click on Save button.

  18. email.ndl file

  19. As you can see, lotus notes NDL file file is created in the data directory of Lotus Notes.

  20. file in data directory

  21. Click on the Email.ndl file and it will directly open lotus notes NDL link and shows the email in Lotus Notes.

  22. open link

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