How to

Configure Gmail Account in Lotus Notes

There are following steps to configure Gmail account in lotus notes.

  1. After installing Lotus Notes, launch the application. Click on Contacts.
  2. Contacts

  3. Click on Advanced from the left side menu.
  4. advanced

  5. Click on New tab and then tap on Account.
  6. account

  7. A window for Incoming Internet Mail will open with three tabs: Basics, Protocol Configuration and Advanced.
  8. In the Basics tab, fill the following:
    • Account Name: Incoming Internet mail (By Default)
    • Account Server:
    • Login Name: User’s Gmail Account address (with
    • Password: User’s account password
    • Protocol: POP
    • SSL: Make it enable
    incoming basics

  9. In Protocol Configuration tab, there is no need to change anything. Now open Advanced tab and fill the details:
    • Port Number: 995
    • Accept SSL Site Certificated: Yes
    • Accept Expired SSL Certificates: Yes
    • Send SSL Certificates when asked (outbound connections only): No
    • Verify Account Server Name with Remote Server’s Certifications: Disabled
    • SSL Protocol Version: V3.0 with V2.0 handshak
    incoming advanced

  10. Save the settings and close.
  11. Now in Outgoing Internet Mail, there are two tabs: Basics and Advanced.
  12. In Basics tab, fill the following and remaining is same as in Incoming Internet Mail:
    • Account Name: Outgoing Internet mail (By Default)
    • Account Server:
    • Protocol: SMTP
    outgoing basics

  13. Click on Advanced tab and change the port number to 465 and fill the rest blanks same as in Incoming Mail server.
  14. outgoing advanced

  15. Save the settings and then close.
  16. Now select Locations and open the Online option.
  17. location

  18. Now a window will appear with four tabs that are Basics, Servers, Ports and Mail tab.
  19. In the Basics tab, fill the following:
    • Location Type: Local Area Network
    • Location Name: Online (By default)
    • Internet Mail Address: Gmail account address

  20. In the Servers tab, enter in Home/Mail Server and keep the remaining as it is.
  21. servers

  22. There is no change in Ports tab. Just make sure the box of TCPIP is checked.
  23. ports

  24. Now in Mail tab, enter the following details and leave the remaining as it is:
    • Mail File Location: Local
    • Internet Domain for Notes Addresses when Connecting directly to the Internet:
    • Send Outgoing Mail: Directly to the Internet

  25. Now Save all the settings and close the dialog box.
  26. save

  27. Now open the Replication page and make sure that all the boxes in the below image are marked.
  28. replication

  29. Now restart the Notes email client and you will see that your Gmail account is synced in Lotus Notes.

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