Lotus Notes File Already Exists

File Already Exists error

If you are facing Lotus Notes error "File already exists", then it is must to know whether the error is caused due to the corruption of Bookmark.nsf or perweb.nsf file. After that, follow below steps to resolve the error.

In case of Bookmark.nsf file

Bookmark.nsf file is the most important configuration file. This error appears when the Bookmark NSF file is corrupt.If you are getting such error, then it may not allow a user to access the file and making other invalid errors. Go through below solutions and resolve the issue.

To repair the Bookmark.nsf corrupt file, it is important to know whether the user is working as a Roaming user or Non-Roaming. So let’s discuss:

Roaming Users

First, the user has to contact Service Desk of Lotus Notes to disabled the account temporarily and wait until roaming is disabled from one or many computer systems connected with each other. Then follow Non-Roaming users steps as discussed below. After that, contact again to the Help Desk and ask them to re-enabled roaming. Now, enable the roaming in each system and rebuild your bookmark.nsf file. Now, you can upload the file on the server and replicate to other computer systems.

Non-Roaming Users

Follow below steps to repair the corrupted Bookmark.nsf file to resolve File Already Exists error:

  1. Shut down Lotus Notes application.
  2. Now find your bookmark.nsf file in Lotus Notes directory.
  3. Rename bookmark.nsf to bookmark.old file.
  4. Start Lotus Notes. A new bookmark.nsf will create with the help of the template i.e bookmark.ntf file. Homepage settings may change due to the default values. You can change them accordingly.

In Case of Perweb.nsf file

Perweb.nsf file is a Personal Web Navigator Database File which is used to browse the web via Lotus Notes. If the Perweb.nsf file is corrupt then, it may cause the error- "File Already Exists” at the time of opening HTML newsletter.

To repair the perweb.nsf file, you just need to delete the corrupt perweb.nsf file. The perweb.nsf file will be recreated by Notes client by opening an HTML document or a Web page from within the Notes. There is one more alternative of recreating the perweb.nsf manually by using the perweb50.ntf template.

Recreating Perweb.nsf file

Follow below steps to repair the corrupted Perweb.nsf file:

  1. Shut down Lotus Notes client.
  2. You should have Perwen50.ntf (Perweb template file) in the data directory.

    Note: If you do not have that file, then get the existed copy from another workstation.

  3. Rename the old perweb.nsf to perweb.old.
  4. Now run the Notes client.
  5. Then edit the current location document by changing the preferences to Notes and open web page in Notes. It will create a new Perweb.nsf file.
  6. In Notes web browser, click on Actions/Internet Options then Presentation page and set MIME to Rich Text & HTML.
  7. Now edit the current location document and change the Internet browser to Notes with Internet Explorer and again open the mail that was creating File Already Exists issue to open.

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