Where does

names.nsf file resides in Notes?

Names.nsf file Default Location can be obtained as C:\Program Files\IBM\Notes\Data

names nsf file

Understand the Concept of Names.nsf File:

Lotus Notes is a collaborative application of Clients and Server that's why it comes under the category of preeminent Email Clients used for several purposes like Emailing, Schedule Meetings and many more. It consist the set of enormous attributes like Email, Contact, Calendar, Task and Journals and saves its entire database in .nsf format.

What Type of Content notes names.nsf file Stored

Names.nsf file or Address Book is made up at both the places Lotus Notes Client as well as Domino Server. Names.nsf file is the most significant file among the all and automatically created on client as well as on server when Lotus Notes is installed on the machine.

names.nsf adressbook at Client Side:

Lotus Notes provide the eminence trait i.e. Contacts that helps Lotus Notes user in many ways:

  • It can be used to store personal as well as professional information in a structured manner.
  • User can send mail directly means no need to type or remember id of the individual.
  • User can Search any required information about individual.
  • User can Edit, Delete, Insert and apply various commands on this Contact file.
  • Lotus Notes doesn't impose any restriction regarding the storage of contacts in Address Book.

Now the question arise what type of format it is used when the files are saving in the machine. Yes all the files of unlimited user that are belonging to one's contact information in Lotus Notes are saved in names.nsf file.

names.nsf adressbook at Domino Server Side:

The names.nsf file at server side called as Domino Directory. As we all know that server entail an authentic id to work as it provides the uniqueness of your identity. Names.nsf is the utmost imperative file that the Domino Server contains. Here all the authorities' information of Lotus Notes User is involved in one file that is names.nsf.

  • Groups
  • Essential Certificates
  • Server info
  • Path of various file
  • Ids of Lotus Notes User and a lot more.

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