Where does

Lotus Notes Sametime resides?

Default location of Sametime: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Lotus\Sametime

What is Lotus Notes Sametime?

Lotus Sametime by IBM is a client-server application. It provides a platform for the unified communication and collaboration. It includes features like instant messaging, web conferencing, community collaboration and telephony capabilities. The IBM Sametime Server is used for controlling and administration.

Features of IBM Sametime

IBM Lotus Sametime is divided into 4 levels of functionality that are discussed below:

  1. IBM Sametime Limited Use (IBM Sametime Entry): It provides basic presence and instant messaging.
  2. IBM Sametime Standard: It provides additional features to Sametime Entry like:

    • Location Awareness
    • Chat including point-to-point Voice-over-IP(VoIP), video chats, timestamps, chat histories, etc.
    • Web Conferencing
    • Contact business cards
    • Group & multi-way chat
    • To allow integration between IBM’s own and other applications, it provides open APIs.
    • Audio and Video services
    • Connection with IM networks via Sametime Gateway including AOL Instant messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and XMPP-based services.
  3. IBM Sametime Advanced: It provides real-time community collaboration and social networking functionality like:

    • Instant screen sharing
    • Geographic location services
    • Persistent chat rooms
  4. IBM Sametime Unified Telephony: It includes telephony features like:

    • Softphone
    • Single and conference call
    • Incoming call management
    • Telephony presence
    • Call control with Live Call transfer
    • Connectivity and integration of multiple telephone systems

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