How to do

Office 365 Migration from Lotus Notes with All Elements

Achieve Office 365 migration from Lotus Notes via best featured app that move mails and its content to Microsoft Office 365 cloud based environment.

    Include Data during Office 365 Migration from Lotus Notes

    • Transfer Both: names.nsf and database.nsf files
    • Migration of all Emails , Contacts and Tasks etc
    • Export Multiple NSF file in Bulk
    • Works without Domino Server Installation
    • Move NSF to multiple Office 365 User Accounts
    • Migrate into data different Office 365 domains


Office 365 Migration from Lotus Notes

The Lotus Notes migration to Office 365 is not a simple task. What's important in migration is it should be completed without any data loss. Transferring data to Microsoft cloud platform requires great planning and expertise. And the only on-demand need of user is migration goes smoothly. However, if the transfer does not complete perfectly then this costs a lot of hurdles. Interruption in data migration process can cause long hour's continuing downtime that can affect business badly.  It will cost a lot at both end of data loss & IT guy who spend long hours to sort the issue.


Lotus Notes Client Migration Tool is highly Appreciating

The market of cloud based solution for emailing service is rapidly increasing. The Lotus Notes data migration tool is working for professionals to help them attain the profit of Office 365. For such migration what actually notice is down time. Heavy down time while migrations causes' great loss to business process. There is many more concern for business continuity that made user to choose this Lotus Notes Migration tool.

Attributes of

Lotus Notes to Cloud Migration tool

  • Perform migration in bulk
  • The software support to work with all IBM Notes client like 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0
  • Compatible to install with every Windows OS edition
  • Migrate all Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar to Office 365
  • Time Efficient as it move data in bulk. Allows moving multiple NSF file to Office 365
  • Easy migration option with filters to make process easier
  • Maintain data security as it migrate while keeping all Meta information safe
  • Supports to move in different user account with different domains
  • Exports data with HTML formatting and DOC links
  • Get live details about current and final status report

Supported Platforms for

Office 365 MigrationTool

Export Notes works with all platforms:

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista, Win 7
  • Any Domino Server
  • Microsoft Office 365

Benefits of

Office 365 Migration from Lotus Notes Using This Application

After starting the migration with this Lotus Notes client migration app companies and user will be able to complete the whole data relocation process within minimum time span. The users will experience no down time, continue work seamlessly, and also other departments did not experience any interruption in business processes.The software is fully specialized has all skills that any larger organization needs to meet their goals. So that no user lost performance and manage data relocation with complete monitoring during the migration.

Run Demo Version for

Office 365 Migration from Lotus Notes

Install it free demo version that perfectly migrate 15 mails per NSF files. This free setup of the tool will give you live experience of how it exactly works to move Lotus Notes NSF file data into Office 365.